Hooray!  I think I finally figured this Blog thing out!  Sometimes too much research comes back to bite you.  I spent so long trying to figure out how to start a blog, I got lost in the options.  I guess I do that with Homeschooling too sometimes:  I can spend so long coming up with lessons and making materials that the kids learn the skill on their own before I am ready to teach it.  Kids do that, you know…learn on there own.  Sometimes it thrills me and other times it bums me out, especially if I had a great lesson plan for that topic.  But I roll with it, more days are coming, and I have other kids to teach.


My name is Eleasha and I am a natural born teacher/motivator.  Married almost 18 years to a hard-working, fun loving man.  Mom to four munchkins aged 9,7,3 and 8 months.  Homebirthed them all, three in water. I am a baby wearing, extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping zombie.  Coffee and I have a love/hate relationship.  The husband and I run a commercial cleaning business (okay, it’s mostly him running it these days, I do the bookwork and fill in on jobs here and there) and Homeschooling allows the kids to see what we do to support the family.  In pursuit of my own passion, I trained and certified as a Birth Doula through DONA International and as a Bereavment Doula through StillBirthDay.  I love seeing women take charge of their birth experience because it can set the tone for their start into motherhood.


The kids we are trying to raise/teach/enjoy:

(I’m new to this Blog thing so, for now, I will keep their real names out of these posts)

My Tiger is 9 and so very strong willed.  He is such a perfectionist that he is often reluctant to try new things for fear that someone might witness his failed attempt.  He needs to talk things out at length, usually at bedtime.  My Doula training has paid for itself several times over helping me to coach him through issues.  He loves being outside, rarely wants to come in, even in winter. He pretty much taught himself to read and reads very well. Oh, and he hates getting his hands dirty.

My Sunshine is 7 and leaves me in stiches daily! This kid is so funny, he doesnt even do it on purpose. His happy-go-lucky attitude and massive Smile light up the whole room.  However, he is hard to pin down, like, ever.  At our weekly meetings for worship, he still can not stay in his seat for more than 10 minutes.  If he does sit still, the energy exits his mouth! So learning to read and write has not been his strength.  He had some hearing and seeing difficulties that we are working on now.

My Princess is 3.  She is not afraid to inject herself into any activity or conversation. She has pretty much self taught herself the alphabet and counting to ten so I guess its time to start teaching her to read too.  I was hoping to put that off, but strike while the iron is hot, they say.

Juicy J is 8 months and is an Old Soul. That means nothing really gets a rise out of him, as though he has seen it all before.  Honestly, the most laid back baby on the planet.  He would even put himself to sleep by sucking his thumb!  Every fourth child should be like him, there would be more big families   He is just now, starting to make his presence known in the world and is crawling like a pro, so He keeps me on my toes!