Following an idea I heard on a Podcast (I think it was Readaloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie), we have started working through the Alphabet In the picture book section of the library. What that means is: starting with “A”, we select multiple books by an author whose name begins with the letter we are on. (The next time we go, we move to the next letter. )Then we read the books and look up the author online and chat a bit about their style.

We are on “C” and grabbed a variety of Eric Carle books to take home. We also watched a couple YouTube videos about him. After some discussion, we all agreed that his talent lies more in his art than his stories. Sorry Eric.

His method, however, is simple and fun so I decided we would do a project in his style. Here is our adaptation of it, it is a 2 day process:


-acrylic paints

– white paper, Eric uses tissue paper but I thought it might be too thin and fragile for my crew (ages 2-11) so we used large pieces of white copy paper. Regular printer paper would work just fine.

– paint brushes and small cups or trays

– various textured items such as a comb, bubble wrap, sponge, plastic bag.

– cutting board or matt

– exacto knife or sharp blade

-white glue or glue stick


Day 1

– give your child only one or two colors at a time, the idea is to layer, not blend.

– add a few drops of water to a dolop of paint in a cup to thin it.

– spread paint all over the page randomly

– use back of paintbrush or textured items to draw lines, swirls and designs in the paint.  You can use buble wrap or even little hands to stamp into one color and overlay onto another.  Try not to leave much white area.

– make several sheets using different color schemes on each.

– allow to dry completely

Day 2

– using a marker, draw or have your child draw a simple animal, object or picture (ex: butterfly, flower or house with tree). Draw it big, on a standard piece of printer paper.  Keep in mind that each segment of the drawing will be cut out from your painted papers and glued to a new paper so sections should be fairly big and basic. Limit yourself to 5-7 big sections for little ones and 10-15 medium-sized sections for older kids.

-make a copy.  This is one of those times I use my beloved copier! If you don’t have access to a copier, trace your drawing onto a second piece of paper so that you have two copies.

– start cutting: *make sure you have a cutting board or cutting mat uder your working area! Adults should do the cutting for little ones and closely suppervise any big kids that they trust to do their own cutting. *

-lay one of your painted papers onto cutting surface, place one copy of the drawing over top, ligning up the segment you are cutting over the colour area you desire.

-using your knife or blade, carfully cut through both layers.

– You now have a coloured piece to match one segment of your drawing, move it to the matching spot on your second copy of the drawing.

-continue cutting out all your pieces, changing colored pages to achieve a mix that you like.

-arrange the pieces onto the un-cut copy and glue them down. Little ones can paint glue on using a brush (or use glue stick) and match the shapes as they go.  Older kids can use copy as a reference and glue pieces to a blank piece of paper if they do not want any lines to show through their work  (none of my kids cared to try that challenge this time).

– allow to dry and enjoy!

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Please leave a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this project and want to see more like it or if you have any tips to add to it.

Happy Homeschooling,