The ever useful printer/copier

big, black, bulky box

Expensive aging beast

you scanned/printed/copied once

But now you like to sleep

the network thinks you ‘re dead

It says you are offline

but I see you there, your lights are on.

In some ways you are fine


Your reception is sporadic,

you cannot send a scan

Still, I keep you fed with pricey ink

because of what you CAN (do)


copies are consumable,

my kids consume a ton

from cursive sheets to copywork

math, music, art and fun

Black and gray or colours too,

I would not want to homeschool

if I did not have YOU.


Okay, so it’s no Halmark card but I really do depend on my home office printer/copier.  I often don’t have time to make fancy charts and worsheets using a computer program, but I can draw one up quick wth a marker and copy it before the kids know what I am up to.  This is a big deal because if I have to spend more time designing and prepping an activity than the kids are going to spend working on it then I get discouraged and burn out.

I tend to photocopy math and handwriting pages so I can keep the work books to reuse with each kid.  I have copied pages from novels and song books so they can mark up the pasages for gramar or copy work. Last year I used it to copy planning pages every week.

I now have two printers, one that copies great but is old and struggles with day to day wireless network scanning and printing, and a small cheapy on my desk for printing from the computer.

Big bertha has most of my fave features in a printer: 1) a cassette tray for loading paper means you can load lots. 2) a flatbed scanner and  a page loader for scanning and copying , 3) hands-free 2 sided printing  4) photo quality colour printing with a seperate tray for 4X6 photo paper. 5) seperate ink tanks for each color

More than once we have photocopied our own drawings.  Once my son drew a terrific chameleon for nature study, so I made a copy for each kid to colour their own way. Another time, my to older boys drew maps and vehicles and had me copy the pages so they could make a game.

If you find yourself on the market for a new printer, consider one that can make copies quick and easy (not needing the computer), they are available in every price range.